IM DPLA Fest Schedule


We look forward to seeing you at Indiana Memory Digital Public Library of America Fest, September 23, 2016. The Fest is for institutions at all levels of digital collection creation from “just beginning to think about it and need more information” to “long time creators looking at enhancements and with knowledge to share.”

5 LEUs will be awarded to full conference attendees.  

Indiana Memory Digital Public Library of America FEST 
Friday, September 23, 2016
9:30 AM-4: 25PM
Indianapolis Public Library, Central Library
40 E. St. Clair St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Contact Kristi Palmer, for additional information or questions.

Parking:  There is a fee parking garage underneath Central Library, accessed from Pennsylvania St.  4-8 hours is $5.oo.  8-12 hours is $12.oo.


REGISTER NOW  No guaranteed lunch if you register after 9/15/2016.

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IM DPLA Fest 2016


We hope you’ll consider attending the first Indiana Memory Digital Public Library of America Fest, September 23, 2016. The Fest is for institutions at all levels of digital collection creation from “just beginning to think about it and need more information” to “long time creators looking at enhancements and with knowledge to share.”

5 LEUs will be awarded to full conference attendees.  

Indiana Memory Digital Public Library of America FEST
Friday, September 23, 2016
9:30 AM-4PM
Indianapolis Public Library, Central Library
40 E. St. Clair St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Contact Kristi Palmer, for additional information or questions.

REGISTER NOW  No guaranteed lunch if you register after 9/15/2016.

Preliminary Schedule

9:30 am Registration and Coffee 

10 am Welcome, Introductions, Overview of Services Survey

Presenters: Indiana State Library representative; IM DPLA Advisory Council Representative

11 am Keynote: Getting it Right on Rights

Presenter: Melissa Levine, Lead Copyright Officer, University of Michigan,

Dr. Levine was part of the task force who developed the international Rights Statements ( for digital cultural heritage collections.  She will share general information about rights considerations for digital cultural heritage collections but also speak specifically to the rights statements developed and how to properly apply them.

12: 30 pm Lunch

1:45 pm Simultaneous Sessions

Just Getting Started with Digitization

What you need to know if your institution is just beginning a digitization project.

Supporting Others in Digital Collection Creation

Many institutions with long standing digitization programs have worked to supported other entities in their digital collection creation.  IM DPLA is interested in developing a network of services, in part utilizing the expertise, equipment, space, etc. of already established digital collection “hubs”.  If you’d like to know more about supporting or tapping into future services of this nature, this is the session for you.

2:45 pm Metadata Requirements and Recommendations for Aggregation into DPLA

Presenters: Indiana Memory DPLA Metadata/Aggregation Committee

Overview and one-on-one consultations for specific questions about your institutions metadata and processing.

3:45 pm Indiana Digital Preservation, InDiPres

Presenters: Connie Rendfeld, Indiana State Library; Cinda May, Indiana State University

The mission of Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres is to collaboratively manage and sustain a low-cost, secure, and geographically distributed archive for the long term preservation of locally created digital resources in Indiana. The Indiana State Library is the lead institution for InDiPres, which is a collaborative member of the MetaArchive Cooperative Preservation Network. The Indiana State Library Foundation serves as the fiscal agent.  Learn more about why digital preservation matters for your institution, standards to consider implementing with your unique digital content, and how to join this highly cost effective digital preservation collaborative.

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Nominations for IMDPLA Advisory Council and Committees Now Open


Any employee of a participating or affiliated IMDPLA organization may nominate individuals to serve on the Advisory Council, Outreach Committee, and Metadata/Aggregation Committee.  Please consider nominating someone for one of these three groups.

In accordance with our Guiding Document, the Advisory Council works to maintain a balanced representation from a variety of participating institution types.  This year we need to fill seats from Museums, Historical Societies, and Special Libraries, therefore please consider nominating individuals from the following participants:

  • Indianapolis Art Museum
  • Connor Prairie Interactive History Park
  • Indiana Historical Society
  • Allison Transmission

IMDPLA Outreach Committee and Metadata/Aggregation Committee nominees can be from both participant and affiliate organizations.  For a list of applicable organizations see:

Nominations are due June 13.


ILF Pre Conference 2016 on DPLA Metadata in Indiana


The IM DPLA Metadata/Aggregation Committee is holding a pre conference workshop entitled, “Past history, digital future: Indiana DPLA metadata” on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 from 2-5 PM in Salon C of Marriott East Conference Center, 7202 E. 21st St., Indianapolis.

Description: This preconference is for those interested in providing greater access to their unique, locally hosted digital collections through inclusion in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and/or Indiana Memory. The presenters will guide participants in structuring existing metadata to conform to DPLA and Indiana Memory standards. Libraries, museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions are invited. Whether you use CONTENTdm, PastPerfect, or another content management system, facilitators will provide tools to help you unveil your collections to the world.

Registration is not available as of May 4.  Check here regularly for registration link: 

Getting it Right on Rights


From DPLA at

Large-scale collections like the Digital Public Library of America, EuropeanaTrove (Australia), and DigitalNZ (New Zealand) have enriched the free web by making openly available tens of millions of items from libraries, archives, museums, and cultural heritage sites from their respective countries or continents. This incredible, burgeoning public commons of the full range of human expression from the past several millennia is weakened, however, by a lack of common agreement over rights statements on these items. Because of inconsistent international copyright law, risk aversion among many nonprofit institutions, and the grey area that many scanned materials fall into—unclear provenance or ownership, especially as materials recede into the past—these collections have too wide a variety of rights assigned to them and no clear pathway toward maximal openness and reusability. This project will bring together these important collections to harmonize and evangelize a simpler rights structure, one that includes ways for works of all types, including works with unclear or no known rights, to be put online and made available to the public.

Our project will begin with two international summits, one in the United States and one in Europe, involving domain experts who have a deep understanding of both the legal and content sides of this burgeoning field, including library and museum leaders, intellectual property lawyers, copyright officers, policy advisors, metadata specialists, and web technologists. At these key stakeholders will analyze different national, international, and project-based rights work. One focus will be on the issue of items with “no known rights,” and guidance around that important and widespread category—orphan works of all kinds, from books to archival materials. We will also address fair use on the web, and the uneven application (and applicability) of that principle worldwide.

We will then work with these partners to set up a neutral namespace with an agreed-upon set of rights designations. Other projects will be able to link to those designations, e.g., We will translate the language of these designations into the multiple languages of the partners in this project, and encourage other translations as well. Our goal is to make these designations an internationally recognized standard, which will encourage widespread adoption. They will complement the similarly recognized Creative Commons designations, which very well may function as a subset of the digital library rights strata.

Finally, we will produce best practices guides, which we know from talking to contributing institutions to projects like the Digital Public Library of America are extremely important, often representing the only way past legal and institutional barriers. We will disseminate these guides widely to enable broader global education over rights on the web, and will work with our already robust and large partner networks, who can hold workshops and bring this rights work to thousands of other institutions and stakeholders.

Learn more at: 

Indiana THATCamp April 22, 2016


Unconference opportunity may be of interest to IM DPLAers.

The Scholarly Communication Committee of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) organization is pleased to invite you to participate in our second THATCamp on Friday, April 22 at the Hesburgh Libraries Center for Digital Scholarship at the University of Notre Dame. Registration, parking, and food are provided by ALI, so this event is free of charge for all attendees. All you need to do is bring your ideas and enthusiasm! We strongly encourage librarians, graduate students, archivists, technologists, faculty members, and anyone interested in learning or talking about the changing landscape of the humanities to attend. Attendance is limited, so please register as soon as possible.

THATCamp stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp.” THATCamps are “unconferences,” which means that specific sessions will be determined on the day of the camp and will be based on the interests of the attendees. You can propose sessions prior to the day of the event, and you are welcome to bring your ideas for sessions on the day of the camp as well. You can also submit proposals for five minute “dork shorts” prior to the event. These short presentations will give you the opportunity to share your ideas, projects, or plans with attendees.

Register for THATCamp Indiana 2016
For more information about THATCamp, registration, ridesharing, and more, check out our website:

DPLA Announces fourth class of Community Reps


From DPLA:

We are extremely excited to introduce and welcome our  of DPLA Community Reps–-volunteers who engage their local communities by leading DPLA outreach activities. We received a great response to our fourth call for applicants, and we’re pleased to now add another fantastic group of Community Reps to our outstanding and dedicated corps of volunteers from the first three classes.

Our fourth class continues our success at bringing together volunteers from all over the US representing diverse fields and backgrounds. Our newest reps work in K-12 schools, public libraries, state libraries, municipal archives, public history and museums, technology, genealogy, education technology, and many areas of higher education. This round we are excited to have a very strong cohort of educators as well as representation from diverse disciplines including psychology, social work, art history, and studio art.

Our newest reps have already shared some of their great ideas for connecting new communities with DPLA and we’re eager to support this new class’ creative outreach and engagement work.  We thank them for helping us grow the DPLA community! For more detailed information about our Reps and their plans, including the members of the fourth class, please visit our Meet the Reps page.

The next call for our fifth class of Reps will take place early next year (January 2017).  To learn more about this program and follow our future calls for applicants, check out our Community Reps page.