Notes from DPLA All Hubs Phone Meet, 1/27/2016

New DPLA Staff members
Samantha gibson- engagement, use coordinator
Scott williams-developer on tech team, production and ingest. Starts February.
Amy Rudersdorf going to AVPreserve.
Data related questions go to Gretchen.  Other questions that used to go to Amy now go to Emily Gore.
Will be filling Amy’s position.  job will be similar but not exactly the same. Hope to advertise in next few weeks.

used a contract firm. wrote mappings for 10 providers.  
in new system things are a bit more modular.  depending on feed your module will be different.  Mapping process is separate from enriching process.  Enriching, where correcting punctuation happens or added geo.
Freed us up to work on performance issues and system development
Things will be slow till Scott is on board (feb).  Existing hubs ingested when Scott begins.  Want to work on web GUI for ingest.  May bring in some contract help again to get that finished.  Will likely tie into hydra in a box grant which will work on making the ingest system an open source one
In interim we have access to quarterly and bi monthly ingest.  When our particular ingest will happen.

Michelle Ebook program manager.  How can DPLA get involved in improving a library patron’s ebook experience.
Create a truly open collection of ebooks.
will create a survey of what each hub has ebook wise-what we specialize in etc.-survey coming within the next week   ebook broadly defined.  things that can be turned into e pub format NOT licensed ebooks at libraries
bookshelf feature currently on

Hub participation-Copyright session on Wednesday on track to launch in late february
Birds of a feather conversations for hubs  will occur on Wednesday
90+ proposals

Submit a Proposal for DPLAFest 2016


From DPLA information release:

This is a reminder that the deadline to submit a session proposal for DPLAfest 2016 is FridayJanuary 22. The types of sessions available to organize include presentations, workshops, and lightning talks. All are encouraged to submit their ideas.

An annual series of workshops, presentations, and discussions, DPLAfest brings together librarians, archivists, and museum professionals, developers and technologists, publishers and authors, educators, and many others to celebrate DPLA and its community of creative professionals. The hosts for DPLAfest 2016 include the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the Smithsonian Institution.

To review topics and themes from previous DPLAfests, check out the agendas from 2015 and 2013.

To register for DPLAfest, visit the Eventbrite page.

For more information about this year’s fest, including logistics and an early schedule, visit the DPLAfest 2016 homepage.DPLAfest 2016 Session Proposals Due on Jan 22



IM DPLA Committees Determined


Congratulations to our newly elected committee members.

Outreach Committee 2015-2016

Denise Robinson, Brownsburg Public Library

Samantha Norling, Indianapolis Museum of Art Archives

Jennifer Johnson, IUPUI University Library

Alex Papson, University of Notre Dame

Carrie Schwier, IU Bloomington Wells Library

Larry Oathout, Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library


Metadata/Aggregation Committee 2015-2016

Joan Hostetler, Indiana Album

Janice Gustaferro, Butler University Irwin Library

Julie Hardesty, IU Bloomington Wells Library

Jill Black, Indiana State University Cunningham Memorial Library

Daniel Smith, Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library

Aaron Smith, Allen County Public Library

Tina Baich, IUPUI University Library

Indiana Memory DPLA Metadata map for Content DM, Draft


If if you are an Indiana Memory DPLA participant using Content DM please take a look at the  Indiana Memory DPLA ContentDM metadata map DRAFT to see if this mapping will work for collections that you will harvested into DPLA.  Most of us will probably have to make some adjustments, but the intent is to not cause very much work for anyone.  If you do see problems or have suggestions, please let me know.   We would like to have a final version for everyone to work with in July.  This should allow time for anyone interested in having metadata harvested this fall to make necessary adjustments to both the mapping and the metadata itself.  Again, this is just a draft of a standardized mapping and we would like your feedback.

For any collections that are already in Indiana Memory (, please do not make any adjustments to your mapping before contacting  Jeremy Murray (, at the State Library.

Please note that collections cannot be harvested for DPLA unless the State Library has received a Data Exchange Policy signed by the institution indicating which collections are allowed to be harvested.  By signing this form, the institution gives the State Library permission to allow the harvested metadata to be used by anyone for any purpose.  If you have questions about this form, please contact Steve Schmidt at

Please let me know if this draft CONTENTdm metadata map will work for the collections you plan to have harvested for DPLA or if you have suggestions.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

Janice Gustaferro, Metadata Librarian, Liaison to the College of Education, Butler University Libraries

Meeting Minutes of May 13, 2015 Indiana Memory DPLA Service Hub Advisory Committee


Indiana Memory DPLA Service Hub Advisory Committee

1:00 p.m., Wednesday May 13, 2015

In Attendance:  Corridan, Fukunaga, Hostetler, Hurford, Norling, Oathout, Palmer, Papson, Patton, Speer, Spotts, Susan Sutton (Proxy for Suzanne Hahn), and Weirich.

Attending by Phone:   Madeline Sheldon (Proxy for Brad Eden), Stankrauff, Sweeny and Witcher.

Guests:   Wendy Knapp, Chandler Lighty, Cinda May, Connie Rendfeld, and Steven Schmidt.

Speer called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm and welcomed everyone to the meeting. He asked everyone to introduce themself. Speer asked if here were any changes to the agenda before asking for a motion to approve the agenda. Oathout moved and Sutton (?) seconded. Motion passed.

Speer envisioned an exciting year for the IM DPLA Service Hub Advisory Committee. The makeup of this initial committee comes from the list of all of the people who were nominated and agreed to serve on the committee.

He charged the committee with advising and guiding the ISL on the activities of the service hub, appointing sub-committees to deal with metadata and outreach to potential partners. To that end, he recommended that the group create a broad mission statement and governance committee to define the group’s officers and membership.

Report from the State Library

Speer and Rendfeld reported that the initial injest into DPLA went well, although it was greatly delayed. Originally, it was scheduled for last August, then January and then finally 47,000 records drawn from four Indiana Memory servers were successfully uploaded the Tuesday before DPLAFest. The records were transferred satisfactory. The only problem was with about twenty rights statements. ISL currently has signed permission from 29 partners which means that our next ingest will consist of over 100,000 items, however the date for that ingest is dependent upon DPLA getting new staff and new software set up. As of right now, we do not know when the next ingest will be. Plans call for data to be harvested quarterly from the service hub.

Rendfeld also reported that ten LSTA digital grants were awarded; half of those were for newspapers and included 2-3 new partnerships between public libraries and other local organizations. The full list is available at This year ISL received 29 applications asking for $375,000. Regretfully, only $125,000 was available for the awards which resulted in more partial awards this year.

New Business:

Currently there are three sub-committees, which grew out of the original effort to create an Indiana Service Hub: a Rights sub-committee, an Outreach sub-committee and the Metadata sub-committee, which has been the most active of the three. By consensus, the group decided to continue these three sub-committees. Speer recommended that an IM DPLA Service Hub Advisory Committee serve on or chair each sub-committee.

The Rights sub-committee was originally charged with the creation of the Data Exchange Policy. Currently, ISL has signed agreements from 29 partners; most of these are from public libraries.

DPLA recently announced plans to streamline and standardize the rights statements. Currently there are 85,000 different statements in DPLA. Their goal is to collapse these in to 12-13 statements. This may be a future task for this group. Palmer suggested the Rights sub-committee could also create a layperson’s guide to the Rights document that ISL lawyers have created. The agreement has heavy language that can be intimidating to some but once explained in layman’s terms most digitzation partners have been willing to sign.

The Metadata sub-committee has been actively working on the mapping of data fields between Indiana Memory and DPLA. Currently Indiana Memory can accept records from Content DM and Past Perfect, as well as a few other systems. The ISL programmer has been writing a custom map for each of Indiana Memory’s 220 collections. The sub-committee is currently going back to the partners to try and create a standardized map.

The final sub-committee is the Outreach group. Among the tasks discussed for this group is the creation of discussion documents, information sheets, webinars, etc to market Indiana Memory DPLA to potential collections. There was a consensus that Outreach may be our most important task in the coming year, however the definition of its charge may be too broad. The next meeting of this group will include discussion about the broad scope and potential for another committee or sub-committees to be formed.

By consensus, a governance group consisting of Speer, Corridan, Palmer and Hurford will draft a broad set of operating principles or governance statement, defining what we are trying to accomplish, committee membership, geographic and/or institutional type representation, and committee term. Speer recommended that the committee meet quarterly. A call will go out soliciting names for Chair and vice chair. ISL will provide secretarial support for the meetings.

A separate group, consisting of Fukunaga, Norling, and Papson, will work with Rendfeld to draft a style sheet defining the steps needed to join Indiana Memory and DPLA.

In response to questions:

Speer defined Indiana Memory as containing content relevant to Indiana’s cultural history. Collections held within the state, but not relevant to Indiana would not appear in Indiana Memory, but would passed through the Indiana Memory DPLA Service hub to DPLA.

There was a question about how few archives are represented in Indiana Memory. Rendfeld commented that one stumbling block may be EAD (Encoded Archival Description) format that they use. DPLA does not work well with this format. DPLA also does not have a way to handle collection guides in archives.

Rendfeld also explained that she and a programmer are the only ISL staff members dedicated to Indiana Memory and DPLA.   Hurford suggested that ISL think of pieces of work that could be done by members of the committee, easing workload of ISL staff. It was suggested that metadata cleanup could be one of these committee completed tasks. Communication about IM DPLA to participating community could be another task taken on by committee members/group. ISL will look at ways to improve communication and to handoff some tasks to members of the committee. The WordPress blog and the ISL webpage will be synchronized so that they refer to the service hub by the same name. The WordPress site will allow the Outreach Group or other communication coordinators to share information regularly.

ISL will send out a Doodle poll for the date of the next meeting, targeting June 29-July 10.

ISL will convene meetings with the sub-committees and working groups to occur prior to the next meeting.

Topics for the next meeting:

  • Update on next ingest
  • Review governance document
  • Elect officers
  • Review a draft of the step-by-step guide on how to prepare data for ingest
  • Discuss tasks for Outreach sub-committee
  • Review hurdles which keep institutions from joining the Indiana Memory DPLA Service Hub

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10.

Printable version: IMDPLA May 2015 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes